Our Methodology

A Bespoke Approach to Solving Your Complex Problems

Our Analytical Process: From Challenge to Action

Using challenge-based learning, we ask our clients to give us their toughest questions and then we set out to solve these intractable problems, collaborating together as we go.

Our data scientists develop customized discovery workbenches that produce machine-generated results which enable our clients to visualize previously unseen insights in their business.

Using these newly discovered insights, our team builds custom algorithms to predict future behaviors while recommending process changes that will help our clients achieve optimal business results.

I think the best practice is more about holding questions than finding answers. Seeking one correct answer often comes from a wish to make healthcare, which is exceptionally fluid, into something certain and fixed. This often leads to rigidity, close-mindedness, and intolerance.

How We Work With You

We are an extension of your team

We generate the greatest value when our team is deeply integrated with our clients’ operations. Our intimate and customized approach to each client engagement relies on a deep understanding of your business combined with iterative analysis and problem solving, which we know is most impactful when we do it together.

We push each other in search of profound insights

Each discovery workbench that we develop is tailored to our clients’ unique challenge questions, enabling us to easily and collectively navigate through the data in search of deep insights. We have found that the most profound discoveries often require letting go of old paradigms and assumptions as the data leads into new, uncharted territory.

Our success is measured by your success

As Vidal Sassoon famously said, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” and because we tackle our clients’ thorniest problems, we take seriously our responsibility to produce value of such significant proportion that it will demonstrably move the needle of our clients’ business.

Remaining in the question and exploring its many facets over time allows us to fully grasp the complex, rich and human elements that make up our system and, through that deeper understanding, will enable us to develop impactful improvements.

The Process

Cogitativo uses challenge-based learning, asking our clients to determine which questions need to be explored followed by taking three steps to address the challenge questions.

Descriptive Analytics

We provide a discovery workbench that lets our clients easily navigate around the data and discover insights into what is causing the issue or opportunity. This would typically be a multi- functional visualization of the data that will clearly present the patterns, trends and findings of the analysis.

Predictive Analytics

We then use the insights from our discovery workbench to build predictive algorithms that identify what will likely occur if the behaviors are not changed or modified in some way.

Prescriptive Analytics

Based on the descriptive and predictive results, we will identify changes in processes that would need to take place to reach the desired state and help our clients change their operational workflow to achieve the optimal result.